Beware Fake Anti Virus

Lately we are seeing more infections of a more serious nature. If you see a prompt while just surfing the web that suggests that you are infected and this unknown software offers to fix it for you. Use the ctrl + alt keys and tap the delete key to use task manager, highlight the internet browser and click the, End Task, button to close your internet session. If after you restart the computer the problem you are still prompted by an unfamiliar anti virus software it likely means you have several Trojans in your system. It is important to call me immediately, the sooner I get it out the safer you are. Failure to do so often require a long clean up process frequently requiring a back up and complete erasure and reloading of the system. The sooner we clean you up the lower the cost.

Can I just buy an anti-virus?

I am often asked why someone needs more then an anti virus? The sad answer is two fold. First the industry in order to make things more understandable often refers to just about anything that goes wrong as a virus. Trojans, malware, add ware, spyware, hijackers, worms, and the list keep growing are NOT viruses. Viruses live to replicate as part of their activity, the aforementioned items just come do damage, and or send your personal information elsewhere. Hijackers re-route your browser to undesirable web sites. So what you really need is an overall security package, an internet security suits that offers not only virus protection, but spyware, malware, root kit and other protections. In addition these suites often have firewalls that replace the very weak firewall built into windows.

What brand or brands are rock solid?

As with any product group there are good brands and bad ones, the good ones have a rock solid scanning engine and update virus definitions quickly. I am sadly not talking about that screen door in a submarine that is Norton and McAfee; they are in my world a joke. Zone Alarm has proven to be the best and there new offering total security has really proven itself to be a winner. Kaspersky I often use on client systems to clean out Trojans, viruses, and spyware. It has recently won in comparison tests against Norton for its ability to find these infections and remove them. Kaspersky has for about three years that I have followed it proven to have a robust scanning engine and fast turn around time from the time new viruses hit till when the new definitions are available to update it. F-Secure once a favorite fell out of favor with me a few years ago, but is now starting to show promise again.

April 2011 Threat

They call it "LizaMoon," this is a fast acting malware that infects web sites by what is called sql injection. It seems to be using it to break into sites. Now when you visit the site it will quickly redirect you to a so called "social engineering" site. This site will prompt you to install a fake anti virus. My recommendation to windows users facing this threat, go ctrl + alt and tap the delete key in task manager end all anti virus and internet tasks, restart the computer and run a virus and spyware scan on the system. Speed is the key it will try to force you to install it fast.

If the phony anti virus gets in it will ask you for money, DO NOT PAY THEM.

I heard anti virus software is a waste of money?

Do you remember the good old days when all you needed was an anti virus to snag stuff that came through your e-mail. Those days are gone forever even for MAC users. Today the proliferation of spyware malware and other horrors has caused everyone to rethink what good protection is all about. A good Internet Security Suite comes with the following basics, Anti Virus and Anti Spyware, Firewall, Spam Filter, and now a phishing monitor. Some security software is not that robust frequently allowing bad things to come into poorly protected systems. What I suggest is to a search for comparison tests between security software. Do not make a change based on one result; these comparisons are sometimes based on who paid to join in. You will want to see several within the last twelve months.

Which ones do you recommend?

My Favorite Security Systems!

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Kaspersky's son kidnapped

For more details see our source story written by Stan Schroeder

This is indeed a tragedy. Kaspersky has come from obscurity many years ago to a protection system that surpases Norton. In recents tests on average Norton found about fifty-five percent of the test viruses Kaspersky found close to eighty percent. It went from a handfull of employees to a ,"Five hundred million dollar company,"according to our source.

According to our source, "Ivan Kaspersky a student of mathmatics in Moscow." His kidnapper are allegedly asking for "$4.2 million dollars." Apparently Kaspersky Labs refused comments to the story. Russian "police and secret service," are looking for him.