What we do.

When the founder of Arundel Computer Service worked as a service manager for the Gateway Country Store in South Portland, ME. The most common complaint was. "Can't your company send a tech to my home?" The answer was no, there were two main reasons. First productivity, in the service center you could complete three times as many systems. Secondarily liability, the company had insurance on us while on the work bench, but in an in house environment had the potential for some unforeseen risks. The result was if you wanted service you had to lug it into the store.

Many times these systems came in with viruses and other software maladies. Seldom were these computers in the shop for real hardware failures. It was common practice to back up the client's data then reload the systems back to factory original image. However this created new problems as users had difficulty installing the printers. Typically the end user made a mess of the operating system which now required reloading again. This became a loop of failure.

When Gateway closed the stores in 2004 the owner became determined to fill this service void. Obviously the customer would have to pay a little more for this service. This would compensate for travel and related inefficiencies.Another goal was to improve on first contact resolution meaning the clients initial problem was fixed the first time.This is what led to the formation of Arundel Computer Service. A business built to provide IT support to the home end user and the SOHO or Small Office Home Office market.

Here are some of the services we offer.

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How you benefit.

Some clients have long since lost the original cds for applications they purchased along the way.Arundel Computer Service is small and has the time to be more thorough. We can spend hours on a clean up in cases where the client cannot have a reload performed. Although this is not a recommended practice as there may be unknown operating system damage coupled with the risk the virus may reoccur, we can do this in most cases.

The owner has over thirteen years experience as a bench technician he works on most all cases personally. He also keeps up with all the latest Windows based operating systems and related hardware.